Mays Landing Tattoo

before and after


after, thanks Tara

Matt Cain

Much Thanks Matt,

thanks Liz


I got some new prints on the wall by Vincent Moisdon from follow him on instagram @ vincentmoisdon he is one of the best out there.


Sam came into the shop with a tattoo design that he drew himself. The unusual thing about Sam is that he drew the design over twenty times in his sketch book, not sketch but real time consuming drawings . I was surprised to see that much energy and effort in someone’s tattoo concept. I can’t teach anyone how to tattoo right now, and many people have been coming in asking for an apprenticeship. There has also been many people coming to Mays Landing Tattoo looking for a job tattooing, professionals and non-professionals. Sam is the first person I met that has what it takes to walk the tattoo path and survive , a sketchbook filled with hours and hours of  time .


This tattoo was done by a guy named Past, I like his work so I was happy to add on to it. Matt wanted to expand the tattoo into a half sleeve. Matt showed me some old illustrations of outer space and science fiction novels and wanted an outer space, vast emptiness, cold look to the tattoo, and this is how it manifested.

We listened to the entire John Joseph (Cromags) autobiography on audiobook as I tattooed, classic audiobook. I got to thank Mike Murro for  the autobiography. If your from my generation and you collected punk tapes in the late 80’s , get the audiobook The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon.

st. mike

We began mike’s philly tattoo, or should it be called Philadelphia sports tattoo , city hall in the front with the classic rocky statue in cool greys , the liberty one and liberty two buildings are going to be warmer colors. Flyers and phillies images in the back. In process. I was born in Philly ,raised in Kensington and in Oleny  (when they where nice places to live.) so this tattoo I’m really into.


Tony let me tattoo a black and grey skull in a martini glass this week, much thanks