Mays Landing Tattoo

Matt’s Sleeve in progress

Matt’s dad Mel had a transmissions shop this was from the shop’s logo


Cuteness, I liked doing this tattoo. the flower is from a painting her grand mom did

Icon on Ribs

Ian’s first son Ryan. That’s the Kind of motivation you need to get your ribs tattooed, it hurts


st. luke

This is Luke, he asked me “can you add on to these three crosses”. I said ” what do you want added on”. Luke said ” something across my whole upper back, maybe a bible verse”. I said ” well your name is Luke so maybe an image of saint Luke, which is a winged bull, it would have more visual impact then a bible verse”.

Tiger in progress


I’ve been tattooing Misty since I started tattooing, she is high energy, I think the only time she is still is when I tattoo her. I wanted to do a black & grey background to these flowers I tattooed on her arm, she said “NO WAY I WANT COLOR BRIGHT COLOR.” I said” cool”  and it was on.


I lined this out I think 2 years ago, Drew found time to come in and get it done. Same thing happened to me when I got my ribs tattooed , the current of life, it’s hard to find the time to get tattooed. just like this boat at the mercy of the current.


owls are always fun to tattoo, Nicole has allot of good tattoos by different tattooers I’m glad I got to add on. much thanks


I think I met Melanie in 1993, 1994 when I moved to juniper st., she was my next door neighbor. She was the first girl I met that had a lot of tattoos , now I get the privilege to add on to her collection. this tattoo is covering 3 little tattoos and it’s almost done. thanks Mel