Mays Landing Tattoo

alchemy tattoo

wedding dress

tattoo i lined out and colored just the green i think a year ago and stopped , finished up the top so it looks good for wedding dress

don’t front

eric , back of calf

Spring is here

Winter is leaving us, and spring is in the air. That means tattooing all day, and drawing all night.Here are some photos from February.

Tim stopped by, have one more session on his sleeve.

chris aka the bridge builder

iceburg lettuce y’all

damn! sorry about the shirt genna!

Traditional Tuesdays

Lucy is finally done her cherry blossoms, thanks to Dr. Numb (numbing agent). It works, she did not move or show any signs of pain.

Laura got her birds colored in.

mike is a beast

p cause aka brandnu starting on his new sleeve

my man sausage fingers got drop dead on his 18th birthday, his mom is going to be pissed!

Thanks to everyone who came by and got tattooed I enjoyed spending time with you all.

Thanks to everyone who helped us raise money for the Lupus Foundation, I have some new ideas on how to bring the fund raising to the next level this spring, by also selling numbing agents along with after care.

We are going to fill the waiting room this year with good flash to help people research. Hopefully the new flash will steer people in a strong direction. Josh is taking appointments for April, March is booked solid. Greg (hands down best walk-in tattooer) keeps his Fridays and Saturdays open for walk-ins check him out at www dot vertasirons dot com

snow, again…

The story this week is snow again. Instead of tattooing we focused our energy on building a snowman outside the shop. Which started a chain reaction down the block. The bakery, Brownies Squared, made snowmen cupcakes and the hardware store made a snowman outside their shop, so Main Street was looking alive in the middle of this slow season.

P. Cause finished his sleeve and we started lining out a new project.

Lined out Nicole’s back. Her back piece has Halloween images and her 4 Jack Russell Terriers. Hope to get this done by the summer.

Kyle came by on Traditional Tuesday. The Original Sailor Jerry octopus has only 6 arms, so I added 2. Traditional tattoo = traditional price, Tuesdays only.

Started Laura’s shoulder, flowers and birds always look feminine, good start.

Cliff came threw and got a Celtic style Maltese cross (no relation to the dog, all about firefighting).

Next day Brian finished up a Norse style dragon around an older Celtic piece.

A walk in came through. Christian from right down the street got some script.

Then more snow and cancellations, so I used the time to complete some homework, study drawings and making stencils all day. The corkboard is filled with tight stencils ready to be tattooed.

Chris got his King Tut Ernie.

Lucy started on her cherry blossoms.

Jamie came by, got “long way to go” collar rocker plus I got better photos of her owls. We also brainstormed about future chest piece options.

A lot of cool people came through this week, I’m lucky to be tattooing so many easy going, smart & funny cats. Makes me want to put everything into this.

Mary’s been building her watercolor portfolio, this stage of the apprenticeship is the seed for the tattooing,

Russian prison tattoos

Girl Head Bird’s Nest

Caged Heart

Greg’s new thing is making “one offs” which is a machine where the frame is not mass produced. I have been using this one all week check out Greg at

Thanks for reading this, Josh.

portfolio is back

Sorry about the temporary disappearance of the website. Too busy with the move. I am now permanently in Mays Landing, no longer  commuting to NY part of the week.

My hours at Veritas:

Friday through Tuesday  12 noon to 10 pm

as usual all appointments must be made in person with a non-refundable deposit that will go towards the last sitting of the tattoo.